2689 Kingsway

  • Category: Commercial
  • Address: Vancouver
  • Date: 2015
  • Credits: Henning Knoetzele, W.T. Leung Architects

This project located on Kingsway opposite Norquay Park was one of the first mixed-use developments in Vancouver to pursue LEED Gold certification. It was also the first site for rezoning within the Norquay Neighborhood Plan and set a precedent for future developments. A BC Hydro right-of-way bisects the property and necessitated a development with two separate buildings. By expanding the space between the buildings beyond what was required for the right of way, a central plaza between the 12 storey midrise and 4 storey low-rise was created. The plaza forms an important link for a future extension of the Renfrew Ravine Greenway. It also provides community gathering space, an outdoor area for the ground level amenity room, and a direct connection from a City-owned daycare on a property directly behind the development to Norquay park. To further elevate the pedestrian environment and create a neighbourhood node at Norquay Park, the development has extra-wide sidewalks. The brick façades building imbue a sense of dignity and are visually distinct local marker on Kingsway.

The building meets its sustainability targets with a high-performance building envelope, green roofs and hydronic heating. Livability is enhanced with a rooftop amenity space that includes a greenhouse for residents to garden and gather.

The project was a recipient of a 2015 BC Masonry Design Award.

Ph5 principal, Henning Knoetzele, completed this project in 2015 while employed with W.T. Leung Architects.

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