Gastown Drive-In

  • Category: Placemaking
  • Address: 160 Water Street, Vancouver
  • Date: 2008
  • Credits: ph5 with previous non-profit Urban Republic

This Project transformed the roof level of a downtown Vancouver EasyPark parkade into a drive-in for both car-equipped and pedestrian audiences in a celebration of BC films. Selected shorts and feature films that were shot in part or wholly within the Metro Vancouver area showcased the talents of BC filmmakers.

To achieve clear site lines, the screen was mounted on the higher roof of an adjacent building.  With the screen in this position, the car area sloped up and seating area sloped down towards the screen for optimal viewing from each area. 

The strength of this project lies in the thoughtful adaptation of roof topography, understanding the cycle of parking demand and the fit of the proposed programming within the social and cultural context. As with many downtown parking garages, the city-owned lot is full during the day and nearly empty at night providing an opportunity to temporarily expand and enhance the public realm at night in the neighbourhood with a shortage of outdoor public spaces.

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