Plywood Suite

  • Date: ongoing since 2017

Plywood Suite is an ongoing material exploration of common fir plywood. Used in construction as sheathing or concrete formwork, it is often hidden from view. Plywood Suite explores the visual and haptic qualities inherent in the material.

The chair and ottoman were built by layering multiple pieces of plywood so that the edge of the sheet material becomes a surface with its own visual quality retaining a sense of direction. The multiple layers of plywood also create staggered joints that, similar to traditional wood joinery, do not require wood biscuits, screws or other fasteners.

The drawer faces of the desk disrupt the solid wood appearance of the plywood sheet. Small pieces of plywood are rotated and glued back together to reconstruct the “sheet”. Although the quality of the surface veneer remains the same, the various grain directions indicate that the material is manufactured.

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