Sing! Karaoke Kiosk

  • Category: Placemaking
  • Address: Multi-locations around Vancovuer
  • Date: 2011 + 2012
  • Credits: Ph5 with previous non-profit Urban Republic

This project was designed in response to comment expressed at City of Vancouver planning workshop that attendance at neighbourhood events was often self-segregated by language. We started by analysing activities that were popular across cultures and noted that people’s love of karaoke had the potential to bring people together in joyful shared experience.

The pop-up Sing! Karaoke Kiosk was designed to transform the street into a performance venue with minimal means. The kiosk box held all the equipment required for operation including custom programmed touch screens with song lists in English, Mandarin, French, Hindi, Spanish, Cantonese, Japanese, and Filipino. The bold red carpet marked the space of performance.

The kiosk made appearances around downtown Vancouver over the summers of 2011 and 2012. Events were hosted by guest artists or organisations and drew crowds of karaoke enthusiasts and audiences.

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